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Handyman Services

Handyman Services

Nowadays many people can do common household repairs. There are fruitful materials on the Internet, as well as do-it-yourself guide books, with instructions about how to complete a wide range of projects. Sometimes the fix-it skill is seen as phylogenetic, and people lacking such skills are said to "lack the handy-man gene". One trend is that fewer landlord are inclined to do fix-up jobs, perhaps because of time constraints, perhaps because of lack of interest; one reporter commented: "my family's fix-it gene petered out before it reached my generation”.

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Jack-of-all-trades network was started by a Southern California handyman. Learning the business from the ground up, he got the idea, while working “in the field” for over 15 years as a part-time handyman. Over the years he realized that there was a growing need for a professional “company” that could provide homeowners with small to medium-sized home repairs and improvements.

In less than 2 years, handyman network had become one of the leading home improvement companies in Southern California and the US. Today it is a rapidly growing national franchise company with locations throughout North America and enter dozens of cities over the next couple of years, with the goal of bringing professional and consistent service to a segment of the market that sorely needs it.

Services provided by handy man

  • Tile Installation which also involves repair of already broken tiles and fitting of new tiles in bathroom.
  • Attics renovation and prevent spillage of water.
  • Bathroom Repairs, including cabinet installation and shower stall fixing.
  • Deck Finishing and Maintenance.
  • Painting walls services both indoors and outdoors.
  • Window Installation and Repair.
  • Outdoor Home Installations and Repairs involving garage renovation and garden maintenance.
  • Cleaning of private beaches
  • Maintenance of gyms
  • Maid-service for part-time job or babysitting
  • Moulding installation in interior furniture
  • Moving luggage from one place to another
  • Paint removal
  • Patio stone installation
  • Plumbing repairs
  • Remodeling basement

Car Air Conditioning Repairing

For your sedan, small car or SUV or MUV, air-conditioning system is the most vital need to provide you relaxation from the outside atmosphere. Keeping it well-maintained by handyman Services in Dubai and in good working condition is important. Put simple, your car Air Conditioning repairing can be the most vital part of maintenance and inspection process that starts with checking and servicing it annually. It is important because failure of AC can result in expensive repair cost.

Auto Denting & Scratching Repairing

An unwanted mark or scratch on car after a road traffic accident or due to any other reason may spoil the overall look of car or SUV. Need of professional’s handyman services to a nearby workshop to get auto denting & scratching repairing solutions. This kind of work is done to ensure a new look of car and to make the car look better. Services of car dent repair and scratch repair in Dubai at your home or the address provided by handyman is an added advantage to save more time and money too.

Car Painting Services

Car painting services, the most common type of services required once in a year or at a certain years’ gap, is the routine service at workshop.  It is the work that needs to pay more attention because of leaving no spot left behind or make one feel the difference. Car painting services in Dubai for your imported cars or the most luxurious ones, you have come at the right place. A team of handyman professionals working dedicatedly to provide the best car painting services and understand the significance of meticulous and careful work at the time of repairing and painting cars.

Car Brake System Repair

Golden Auto Car Dubai, a fast-growing name in the automobile repairing and maintenance industry in Dubai, has been working providing you comprehensive auto repairing solutions for all makes and models. Braking systems are required for safety, firm and steady pedal feel, consistent stopping under repeated hard braking conditions and longer brake system component and friction material life. Smooth stopping is the main need of having advanced braking system. Car brake system repair is done to ensure these all benefits by handyman Services.

Car Engine Mechanic

Engine, the main part of automobile is without any doubt a complicated part that may fail – even after excellent maintenance and care. Possibility of various engine problems cannot be ignored that include, but not limited to excessive smoke from tailpipe, excessive oil consumption, knocking or tapping sounds, low oil pressure or low compression, water mixing in oil and oil getting into the air cleaner and/radiator. Handyman diagnose the problems and then fix in a successful way. Golden Auto Care Dubai have a team of highly training car engine handyman’s familiar with all types of engine repairs. They take the responsibility of diagnosing problems, discussing repairs required and then fix engine issues in a successful way.

Qualification required to be a handyman

You don’t need any education to become a handyman, though basic numeracy and literacy skills are important so that person is having ability to read and understand precautions and follow-up plan. However, there are many different qualifications you can gain to prepare yourself better and oneself competent.